Happiest Man In The World - Chris Goma

Chris Goma’s new song “Happiest Man In The World” is a musically complex yet stripped back ode to his future family. The song’s production plays on Goma’s strengths as a producer while also showcasing his fantastic voice and amazing guitar skills.

The song begins with the a cappella layering of Goma’s voice, creating beautiful and densely-packed harmonies that set the tone for the whole song. While Goma makes sure to keep the acoustic guitar and uplifting harmonies the main focus of the song, the addition of the bass, xylophone, synth, and beatboxing help round out the song, and create a warm and welcoming sound.

The lyrics paint a picture of sunny days and blissful memories. By combining the imagery of the summertime with the emotional intimacy of his feelings towards his future family, Goma proves that beyond being a capable producer and musician at just 25 years old, his efforts as a lyricist are also extremely impressive.

“Happiest Man In The World” was shot and edited by Brainztem and will only be available on Youtube. Chris Goma is with Treacherous Records, and is continuing his work as a musician with the label.






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