P1 releases visual for "Pray For Me"

P1’s new music video for his song “Pray For Me” ft Krazy Beautiful illustrates the dedication he has to his roots and family, and the way that dedication reflects in his work as a musician. The video cuts between scenes of P1as a child and as an adult, alluding to the growth he has undergone through his journey of not only becoming a musician but as someone who wants to make his family and community proud.

Religion plays a huge part in the lyrics of the song as well as the imagery of the video. Scenes of P1 as a young child getting ready to go to church, along with lyrics discussing the role religion plays in his upbringing, create a strong understanding of the values P1 holds close to his heart. In addition, P1 also alludes to a more complicated relationship with religion, as he often asks the listener to pray for him, and asks just about anyone to be praying for him. This vulnerability with his values shows a strength in the will P1 has to accomplish his goals and make his family proud, showing that doubts and uncertainties will never inhibit him from pursuing his passion and making a name of himself in the music industry.

"Pray For Me" was featured on P1's  project WAR(World Ain't Ready) which dropped on July 9th. You can listen to the project here:

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Shot & Edited by @brainztem






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