P1 Releases Music Video for “GrandCamp Freestyle”

P1 is promoting his latest project, World Ain’t Ready, with a music video for the song “GrandCamp Freestyle”. Featuring Myln, and Meech -- who along with P1 form the trio GrandCamp. Shot & Edited by Jef Ross, the music video for “Grandcamp Freestyle” is lo-fi and monochrome, stylistically feeling like something out of the Sin City universe.

P1 and the rest of GrandCamp are spitting on this record, “GrandCamp Freestyle”, and new fans will be fortunate to find P1’s latest project World Ain’t Ready, on their streaming platform of choice. P1 and GrandCamp as a trio are sonically and stylistically unique, and listening to them bounce off of eachother is a great experience.

IG: @_OFFCIALP1 @afilmbyjeffross

Twitter: @GrandCampP1 @afilmbyjeffross


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