Outshining the competition at only 21 years of age, BACKWOOD BRAT returns with the video to her new single “Adore”, bringing the rapper’s eccentric personality to life and showcasing why her brand has attracted such a following. Quite literally flaunting her adoration, BACKWOOD BRAT’s “Adore” is an anthem for the woman who takes what she wants and attracts the associated envy.

With comparisons and metaphors that paint an absolute picture of BACKWOOD’s prestige, “Adore” serves as the Long Beach rapper’s message to the world that she’s better than you and she’s here to stay. Running through topics from rent money to robbery, one thing is clear about BACKWOOD BRAT – she is a force to be reckoned with. “Adore” provides listeners access to BACKWOOD BRAT’s invigorating flow over a powerful Lou Siefer beat with 808’s that make the listener feel her vibe, not just hear it.

With BACKWOOD’s squad emphasizing her ethos, the “Adore” music video, shot and edited by @forgoodness5ake, fully refines BACKWOOD BRAT’s cutthroat mentality and grants her fans a small window into the young rapper’s life.



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