P1 - "Paranoid"

P1 is back and has dropped one of his highly anticipated music videos for one of his stand out tracks off his project, World Ain't Ready. "Paranoid" produced by Hollywood, he does an amazing job with making the single live up to its name.The song begins with such ominous sounds, combined perfectly with P1’s melodic humming, alongside the voices in the background talking back to P1, the feeling of paranoia is evident.

P1’s paranoia begins to develop with his upbringing in his neighborhood. He states how he has a ‘couple homies that aren’t here no more’ and that all the ‘sick shit’ he has been through, is what has made him paranoid. But as he reaches these new levels of fame, his paranoia reaches new levels as well. Khrave, who shot and edited the music video, depicts this beautifully. Showing how P1’s paranoia begins to take effect. And how P1 thinks everyone is out to get him.

With P1, it is like he cannot connect with anyone anymore. He is always looking over his shoulders because he never knows what is going to happen next. They depict this in the music video by showing everyone around P1, looking evil or demonic with all black eyes. Showing the viewers how there really are people around you, who might be out to get you. But P1 tells his listeners to always stand tall. Never act or be scared and to always hold your head up high to confront your demons.

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Twitter: @GrandcampP1 @prodbyhollywood

IG: @Grandcamppeeskee @hollywoodgotbeats


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