World Ain’t Ready
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P1’s new project WORLD AIN’T READY (WAR) reveals the rapper’s true identity in not only his musicianship and dedication to his art, but also the way in which he navigates through love, family, and rising stardom. P1 highlights his versatility as an artist. The project's clear goal of illuminating his range is apparent through tracks like “Hold Me Down,” “Pray For Me” and “SOMETHING REAL Feat. Damian,” which show his vulnerable side, and “STILL I RISE,” “GANG HUDDLE,” and “MALCOLM X,” which show P1’s constant strive for success.

The production on the album as a whole consistently features strong beats that keep the music grounded, while more experimental and genre-pushing guitar, vocals, and synths create colorful nuances for the listener’s soundscape. Songs like “WAR” and “Big on Big” create a multidimensional listening experience by pairing hard-hitting beats with melodies that round out the pieces.

P1’s ability to perfectly blend in the features in his project to his own sound also provide the listener with the ability to see his flexibility as a musician. Artists like Biscuit, Meech, Myln, Chris Goma, Krazy Beautiful, and Damian bring their own artistry into P1’s music in a way that also stays true to his vision, adding to the malleable nature of the project.

P1’s lyricism is a reflection of him as a person, as he has no problem highlighting his own strengths and vulnerabilities, but also pays respect to his background and family. The lyrics are masterfully delivered through P1’s sharp and complex rhymes, and enables the audience to better understand the man behind the words.

WORLD AIN’ T READY (WAR) is P1’s dynamic introduction to his music and life, and initiates listeners to further grapple with their own identity and understandings of love and life.

Link to Stream "World Ain't Ready":

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P1 also broke down every track on his album.






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