Daymo - Come With Me (Directed by Knvkleaded)

Daymo, releases the music video for his single, “Come with Me”. With smooth vocals and thought-provoking wordplay, “Come with Me” perfectly showcases Daymo’s talent and versatility as an artist. Within the first 15 seconds, listeners are greeted with the familiarity of Daymo’s sensual voice inviting them to see the world through his lens.

“Come with Me” produced by Nate Rhoads, was released in audio format on July 23rd, 2020, with the music video now available on YouTube. Daymo was recently featured on P1’s debut studio album, “World Ain’t Ready”. With his current rate of success, Daymo is only set to keep rising, and wants fans to know that he has more on the way.

Social Media: @Haveanicedaymo @Knvkleaded @naterhoads






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